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Community Gaming Grants are available from the Province of British Columbia. The FVCCGA will assist you in preparing a successful application. Our links page will help get you started.[/intro] Our links include regulatory, government, frequently used forms, and others that may benefit or be of interest to those applying for grants.
BC Gaming Grants Branch

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The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) of the Ministry of Finance is responsible for all elements of gambling within the Province. GPEB administers the Community Gaming Grant program and makes funding recommendations that are finalized and announced by the Ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development. 

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Community, Sport & Cultural Development


Where The Money Goes

BC Lottery Corporation

BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program

BC Society Act / BC Registery  File Annual Report

Gaming Operators of BC

BCLC Corporate Reports

BCLC Casinos

Great Canadian

Gaming Corporation

Playtime Gaming

BCLC Corporate

Gambling Services Providers Registration

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