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We will continue to serve our membership through digital communication during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Our office will be closed until further notice. We will not be conducting in office meetings or visiting our programs locations.

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Slack is a user friendly communication app that we will be using to communicate with our members. It can be accessed on desktop or mobile device and is FREE.

Upcoming Virtual Workshops

In order to try and keep the flow of information available to all of our members and non members, we will be conducting shorter but more frequent workshops. These workshops and Question and Answer sessions are no longer than 40 minutes and will include a power point presentation when applicable. You do not require a camera if you do not wish to participate on video. You do not require a Microphone if you do not wish to participate vocally. You can type your questions into a chat box that we can address during the session.

All you require is a good internet connection and your time. We will provide you with an easy to follow link that will bring you right to the meeting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BC Gaming Grants Branch still operating?


As of Wednesday March 25th, 2020 the BC Gaming Branch wants everyone to know that they are in place, doing their jobs, reviewing applications, disbursing funds. This is subject to change. Currently the BC Gaming Grants Branch Analyst are working remotely from home. 

As soon as we hear of any changes, we will update our website to inform our membership. 

We still have not received our funding for Human & Social Services.

BC Gaming Grants Branch message:

Notification for the 2019/20 Human and Social Services sector has been delayed from the expected deadline of February 28, 2020. All applicants will receive notification over the next several weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience.

With everything being shut down, do we still have to complete the BC Gaming Grant application?


As of Friday March 20th, 2020, the BC Gaming Grant Branch is still accepting and processing applications for all open sectors.

Will the BC Gaming Branch be extending the submission deadline for the Arts & Culture and Sports sector?

Not at this time. This is subject to change as they move forward. Please make every effort to meet the required deadlines. If you are experiencing extreme challenge meeting the applicaiton deadline due to Covid-19, please include this in a Cover Letter and include this with your application. Additionally, you can email them in ADVANCE at

Will the BC Community Gaming Branch be extending the Reconsideration timeline of 30 days?

Not at this time; however, this is subject to change as the situation evolves. 

The BC Gaming Grants Branch would like all applicants to continue to make every effort to submit all applications, supporting documents and reconsideration requests under the existing deadlines and timelines respectively. 

If you are experiencing challenges meeting the deadlines due to Covid-19, please include an explanation in a Cover Letter with your submission for consideration.

Due to the Coronavirus our office is closed - How are we expected to still apply?

It is important that your Board of Directors and Executive Directors work together more now than ever.

Please provide as much information as possible to complete and submit your your application online as usual. Using virtual communication such as Scanned documents, Zoom, Skype, DropBox, We-Transfer, Google Drive, Email etc. please work together to compile the required documents to complete your application with all the required documents.  Us these tools APPLICATION RESOURCES to stay organized, insuring a complete submission. 

The Fraser Valley Community Charitable Gaming Association will work with you to submit your application before the current deadline.

Some of the current programs cannot conduct the AGM's thus no voting on the approval the financials. For those that cannot conduct a virtual AGM, should they still submit the audited or un-audited draft financials that were not approved by the membership?

Please submit the draft documents with your application, and then follow up by submitting the Audited and Approved financials when completed.

We cannot have our AGM as we are closed or practicing social distancing. Will we be in violation of the bc society act?

The BC Society Act acknowledges the challenges Socieites and Non Profits are facing. The Society Act follows a calendar year and NOT a fiscal year. As long as you conduct your AGM before December 31, 2020 and submit your annual report within 30 days of that AGM, you will remain in compliance of the Society Act.

The BC Society Act will accept changes of Directors or Organization late. However, to remain in Good Standing, changes must be submitted within the calendar year of 2020.

Your ORGANIZATIONS By-laws will outline the timeline required for conducting your AGM and contravening them, not the Society Act. Please communicate with your organizaitons Board of Directors and their responsibilities and autonomy for further direction regarding your Annual General Meeting.

We could not have our AGM which means we have no minutes to provide as required in the application?

If you were not able to conduct your Annual General Meeting or complete formal financials, provide a Cover Letter with a detailed explaination describing your individual situation with your application. Upload the Cover Letter with your Program Description or your Financials. An Analyst will see it.

This is subject to change as the situation evolves. 

We are in communication with the BC Gaming Branch and will provide further details regarding where in the application you should provide this explanation.

Can we conduct our AGM over the phone?


Participation in general meeting by telephone or other communications medium

83   (1)Unless the bylaws of a society provide otherwise, a person who is entitled to participate in a general meeting may do so by telephone or other communications medium if all of the persons participating in the meeting, whether by telephone, by other communications medium or in person, are able to communicate with each other.

(2)Subsection (1) does not obligate a society to take any action to facilitate the use of any communications medium at a general meeting.

(3)If one or more members of a society vote at a general meeting in a manner contemplated by this section, the vote must be conducted in a manner that adequately discloses the intentions of the members.

Will the FVCCGA still be reviewing applications with us?


The FVCCGA intends to continue to provide as much service as possible, with the means of communication available to them at this time. We will continue to use email, Slack, Dropbox, Zoom meetings and telephone communictions to work with you and access to your documents for review before submitting your application.

Cheques - How do we pay for our expenses and payroll without two signatures?

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions many of our Non Profit Organizations are challenged with the two signature requirments for payroll and expense cheques. 

You can set up two person approval of E-transfer with your bank, requiring all transfers to be approved by two existing signators. Each Signator will be required to sign in as a Delegate and provide approval for the e-transfer. 

As per the 2020 BC Gaming Grant Guidelines Section 7 subsection 7.5 Gaming Account Cheques and Electronic Funds Transfers

 As per sections 18.f and 18.g of the Conditions for a Community Gaming Grant,
all grant recipients must ensure that cheques issued against the Gaming Account
are signed by at least two, unrelated signing officials, at least one of whom must
be an officer of the organization. Cheques issued against the Gaming Account
must not be pre-signed.
Electronic transfers and/or automated debit transactions must be authorized in
writing by two current, unrelated board members. Authorization documents
must identify the specific purpose and maximum dollar amount permitted
(general purposes such as “wages” are not sufficiently detailed) and are to be
retained as part of the organization’s gaming records.

Who should we call if we have more questions?

There are various levels of support available to you to assist you during this challenging time.

Fraser Valley CCGA  serves the entire Fraser Valley Region.

Phone: 778-201-1224


Join us on SLACK a user friendly chat app. 

Fraser Valley CCGA Slack App

You can find more information about the other CCGA’s in British Columbia that serve your region here


Contact the Community Gaming Grants Branch if you have questions about gaming grants in B.C.






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