The Gaming Grant Guidelines have been amended as of February 1, 2018. The current version is available here

There are a few changes worth noting:

  1. Section 3.1 The language about directors being members of the Society has changed. It used to say that Directors must be drawn from within the membership and now it says that Directors of the Society need to be members of the Society, but it doesn’t distinguish the order in which that needs to happen. The intent here is that the membership be open as well as the Society being representative of its membership.
  2. Section 3.2 – Chambers of Commerce were included as an ineligible organization. Primarily a Chamber is orienting its work around its membership and its programing is for business benefit and not directly for broad benefit.
  3. Section 4.3 – Services Clubs – the information about Services Clubs hasn’t particularly changed but it has been re-organized in an effort to consolidate the information and make it easier for the Club Treasurer and Programs Chair can find and know the information.
  4. Section 5.1 of the Guidelines, about organizational financial eligibility and proving financial need, has changed in two parts. First, when an organization has revenue allocated to the future year or funds received for a designated purpose, these liabilities are acknowledged and no longer be counted against you. Second, a “going concern” clause has been added. If the organizational financial situation casts doubt on its financial stability, Gaming may decide that the organization is a poor investment or that the risk is too great to justify a Gaming Grant.
  5. Section 6.3 The intake dates for Arts and Culture, and Sport have shifted by one month. Arts and Culture groups apply from February 1 to April 30 and Sports groups apply from March 1 to May 31. Gaming has made this shift hoping to balance the intake of the grants, which will help to meet their target of providing notice within 12 weeks of receipt.
  6. Section 6.5 – The option for a Reconsideration – essentially a Reconsideration is with regard to financial issues, ie the amount of grant awarded, and to challenge if there was an error on the part of the Branch. If there are concerns, questions or disputes about the understanding of the Analyst about the program or your organization – these are best addressed by contacting the main line for the Branch and speaking to the Analyst or the Community Outreach Manager.


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