2018 – 2019 Annual General Meeting


The FVCCGA has had a very successful year in bringing the association to a place where the board had envisioned.

As the current board has been formed with directors who have held position for, some more than six years, it is time for change and new growth.

There will be a minimum of four seats available however with busy lives it would be preferred to have six new directors including Executive roles.

Our Bylaws allow for the association to run with as few as three directors to a maximum of eleven.

The FVCCGA should be meeting semi-monthly.  Normally there are not meetings in July, August & December.  Meetings usually take about one hour and can be done with the options of skype, call-in, and of course in person.  Time of the meetings would be set by the availability of directors.

Be a part of something great and run for the board or nominate someone you know.

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